My supreme came in the mail today
I was hoping you’d stay long enough for me to open it
I bought it for you anyways
I bought it so it wouldn’t fit
I wanted to play off the surprise
“Shit you can have it, I got the wrong size”

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I love someone I love to hate
Hungry for arguments even though we both just ate
We ate our words, to be starving for more
I know you’re fried but why is it so difficult for you to open your eyes just a little.
I don’t know why you try to collide the high that the loud brings you
With the sound of me trying to convince you that I’ll be here for awhile
But not for good
And somehow you manage to bandage all the confusion so I at least understood.
Just know that ima make it out whether my YSL stains your face or you’re too busy getting smoked out
To spend some time.
Oh boy, it’ll be turmoil in the terminal.

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"my girl"
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if you’re gonna unfollow me you’ll have to go through

the perfume department 
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where bae at?